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The Hotel Room – Gallery

Two lives change forever in a hotel room. Directed and Written by: Bobby Del Rio Produced by: Matthew Willson, Stephanie Baird, Bobby Del Rio Starring: Matthew Willson, Vienna Hehir Images by: Anna Padilla The Hotel Room IMDB Page
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Project: Zero

Daniel Virgil, the son of a weapons manufacturing billionaire is new to Shady Woods Country Club, a private and exclusive resort where guests can partake in sports, relax at the spa, attend fancy soirées, and hunt zombies. Project: Zero IMDB Page
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Skinning the Cat – Trailer

Ned is a frustrated man with a troubled background. Early one summer morning, he kidnaps Bruce, a successful business man used to getting what he wants. Ned takes Bruce to an abandoned warehouse and begins an interrogation that reveals deep secrets kept by both men. They are both changed by their time together, but neither…
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