Matthew Willson: CV

Matthew Wilson - Actor

Matthew Willson


Contact Information

Height: 5’10”
Physique: Athletic
Weight: 180 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blond(e)
Hair Length: Short
Eyes: Blue

Film & Television

Arrival Televangelist Dir. Denis Villeneuve
Whole Lotto Love Mickey Dir. Chris Strikes
Alone Michael Dir. Bobby Del Rio
Schrodinger’s Cat Officer Milton Dir. Bobby Del Rio
Politics Randy Dir. Bobby Del Rio
The Hotel Room Michael Dir. Bobby Del Rio
The Negotiation Professor Dir. Bobby Del Rio
The Laramie Project Police Inspector Dir. Stephen Boudreau
Project Zero Julian Dir. Brandon DiLuca
On the Line Bill Dir. Sean Menard
Rookie Blue Public Defender Dir. David Wellington
Murdoch Mysteries Miner Dir. Laurie Lynd
Skinning the Cat Ned Dir. Jeff Santa Barbara
Lucky 7 Inspector Quinn Dir. Stephen Hayes
Chants Matthew (Lead) Dir. Jeremy Major
Left For Dead Det. Atkins Dir. Chris Harrison
Birks Jewelers Infomercial Nicholas Dir. Rob Hardie
Orthotic Infomercial Host Dir. Chris Harrison
Mayday Army Firefighter Discovery Channel
The Artists Charles Nagy Dir. Michael Lee Chin
Queer As Folk Principal Dir. Michael DeCarlo
Tracker Principal Dir. Neil Fernley
Canadian Comedy Awards Presenter Canadian Comedy Network & CTV
247 High Street Julius (Principal) Dir. Mike Downing
Falling from a Bridge Carson (Lead) Dir. Darryl Bink
My Secret Identity SOC Dir. Al Waxman

Selected Theatre

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Lawrence Dir. Willard Boudreau Dir. Gary Smith
Hemingway and His Women Ernest Hemingway Dir. Willard Boudreau Dundas Theatre
Assassins Lee Harvey Oswald Dir. Willard Boudreau Players Guild
1812 – An Inquiry Tecumseh Dir. Willard Boudreau Players Guild
12 Angry Men Juror #7 Dir. Willard Boudreau Players Guild
Our Town Howie Dir. Willard Boudreau Players Guild
What I Did Last Summer Charlie Dir. Diane Birkenshire Players Guild
Camelot Mordred Dir. David Mallis Drury Lane
The Underpants Cohen Dir. David Nash Oakville Centre
The Full Monty Ethan Dir. Hilary Wilson Westside Con. Thea.
Oliver! Bill Sykes Dir. Gary Smith Drury Lane
Skinning the Cat Ned Dir. Jeff Santa Barbara Pearl Factory
Hossana Cuirette Dir. Willard Boudreau Players Guild
Money and Friends Justin Dir. Jonathon Harrison Cambridge Centre
Cinderella. A Pantomime Asphyxia Dir. Deano Wilson Rouse Sanderson Centre
Whole Lotto Love Dwight (Lead) Dir. Jeff Santa Barbra Pearl Factory
Mambo Italiano Nino (Principal) Dir. Willard Boudreau Westside Con. Thea.
Waiting For Godot Lucky (Principal) Dir. Gary Smith Westside Con. Thea
How Could You… John Dick (Principal) Dir. Gary Smith Players Guild
Torch Song Trilogy Arnald (Lead) Dir. Willard Boudreau Players Guild
Glass Menagerie Jim (Principal) Dir. Vince Guerriero Burlington Theatre
Glen Gary Glen Ross Baylen (Principal) Dir. Peter Lloyd Dundas Theatre
Blood & Rust Johnny (Lead) Dir.J. Santa Barbara Fringe Festival
Hey Day Jimmy / Bleakey / Montrose Dir. Willard Boudreau Hamilton Place
* Elephant Man Lord John / Snork Dir.Loren Lieberman Tivoli Theatre
* The Stillborn Lover Cpl. Mahavolich (Principal) Dir. Tom Makan Hamilton Place
Amadeus Rosenberg (Principal) Dir. Paul Groulx The Oakville Centre
Hobson’s Choice Willie (Lead) Dir. Larry Marin The Oakville Centre
*Greetings Mickey (Lead) Dir. Tim Denis Hamilton Place
A Mid Summer Nights Dream Demetrius (Principal) Dir. Brian Hill Hamilton Place
*Actors Nightmare George (Lead) Dir. JP Gedeon Hamilton Players Guild
*The Winslow Boy Dickie (Principal) Dir. Tom Makan Burlington Theatre
*Lend Me a Tenor Bellhop (Principal) Dir. Dia Frid Hamilton Place
The Lark Charles(Lead) Dir. Dia Frid Dundas Theatre
A Lie Of The Mind Jake (Lead) Dir. Jeff Peller Redmill Theatre


Skinning the Cat Audience Choice Award Cinema Hamilton Incite Awards (2012)
Skinning the Cat Best Feature Film Award Cinema Hamilton Incite Awards (2012)
Skinning the Cat Official Selection Crystal Palace International Film Festival (2011)
Skinning the Cat Best Actor award Mountain Film Awards (2011)
Skinning the Cat Best Picture: Drama / Feature AIFF (2010)
Skinning the Cat Honourable Mention Los Angeles Movie Awards (2010)
Skinning the Cat Best Drama Award Canada International Film Festival (2010)
Skinning the Cat Audience Choice Award Hamilton Film Festival (2010)
The Winslow Boy Best Supporting Actor Western Ontario Drama League Festival (2000)
For Lend Me a Tenor Best Actor/Supporting Actor Player’s Guild of Hamilton Award Ceremony
Greetings Best Actor Player’s Guild of Hamilton Award Ceremony


Various – Principal, Driving, SOC, Voice Overs, Stunt Work & Print Modelling


Acting Coaches: Willard Boudreau, Dia Frid, Jeff Peller, Sears & Switzer, Equity Stage Theatre.
Second City Workshops: Comedy and Improvisation Conservatory.
Actors Studio of Canada: Advanced Acting Program.
Singing Coach: Ray Lyle.
Introduction to Fencing: Mohawk College.

Reels & References

Actor Reel, Director Reel, Producer Reel. References available upon request.

Special Skills

Performance Skills: Stunts, Voiceover, Improvisation, Comedian, Teleprompter, Stage Combat, Disc Jockey, Whistling, Ear Prompter, Host, Singing, Impressionist, Dancing (Waltz, Robot, Club/Freestyle), Drums, Ability to imitate voices/body movement instantly, Suitable to act all age ranges/sex, AZ Heavy Truck & Trailer License for all of North American roads, able to operate heavy machinery/hand tools, Pilot.

Athletic Skills: Bowling, Track & Field, Basketball, Weightlifting, Baseball, Wrestling, Snow Skiing, Yoga, Cycling, Boxing, Fencing, Softball, Soccer, Equestrian, Water Skiing, Swimming, Volleyball.

Accents & Dialects: Texan, South African, Cockney, French, Southern, Scandinavian, Chinese, Irish, Mexican, West Indian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Canadian, Cajun, Armenian,New York (Bronx), Jamaican, African, Italian, Australian, Middle Eastern, New York (Brooklyn), Scottish, Puerto Rican, Midwest, British, Asian, Russian, New England, Instantly imitate any vocal mannerism (sex, age, ethnicity), Dialect Coach

Agile, Efficient, Hard working, Team player.