Let It Go … to me … I Auditioned for Frozen on Broadway!

Holy crap. What a call for a guy from small town Ontario to receive late one Friday afternoon.

“Can you create a self tape audition and send it to me by Monday? I’ve just emailed over the details. It’s for a musical.”

Me: “A musical? Which one?”

Agent: “Oh, just this production titled ‘Frozen’, set to launch sometime in the next 12 months on Broadway.”

Me: “Like, THE Broadway? And THAT Frozen?”

Agent: “Yes Matt. New York City. Broadway. Frozen. The biggest Disney movie turned musical since Beauty and the Beast.”

Me: (shitting and peeing my pants in fear and excitement all at the same time)  “No problem!”

So … that happened!! I worked my ass off all weekend long trying to get this tape perfected and recorded, all the while trying to get things done around my gravel quarry and also managing ‘Daddy of two’ duties – but I got ‘er done and am really happy with the results!

Cross every part of your body for me for that call back. But if it doesn’t come my way, I’m still honoured and proud to have even been asked to audition for the title role of Oaken in this “holy shit that’s a big fucking deal” musical in NYC.

#thathappened  #dontpinchme #lifedreamrealized

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